We will work with you to develop a design for your staircase that is complementary to the architectural features in your home yet, is personal and tailored to your vision.  During our initial consultation with you, we will discuss and acquire information from you to devise a plan for your staircase based on your input, and how you envision your project.  We will achieve this with your inspirational ideas, if any, that you would like to see incorporated into the design.  We will involve you in the process as much or as little as you desire.  You will always be kept well informed with the progress of your project.  Communication is key in order to be assured that our client has a positive experience.  We will then provide you with an elevation drawing/drawings in which you will see finite details of your staircase design.  This drawing will allow you to have a clear vision as to how you may expect to see your staircase fabricated.  We will then refine the elevation drawing (drawings) with any changes you may have requested.  Upon your approval, we will then move forward with custom finishes.  Unique finishes are addressed and presented by our faux artiss and professionally skilled painters, who are experts in formulating custom stains.  They are artists in their own right and will adorn your stairs with their formulas to illuminate the finite details found in the stairs as the final step in achieving a one-of-a-kind treasure.  Our goal is to be sure you enjoy the artistic process of your custom staircase so, you will treasure it for years to come.